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Purple Orchid - Liliane Hunt


Greetings and blessings from me to you! Whatever you believe (or don’t) there is an indisputable truth, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, that winter has been left behind and spring is finally here. Purple Orchid 2 - Liliane Hunt


Aside from the plethora of pastel (of which I have an intense and violent dislike), March hare madness chicks and chocolate… What has any of this got to do with me or you?  Well, we shall see.


Liliane Hunt


I have recently found myself reentering the world of social media and news after taking a hiatus to move to Portland. One of the things that struck me upon this reentry is how, in spite of our ability to immediately connect with the world and be in constant contact, it is so easy to become an isolated island. Believing implicitly in the lie that somehow everyone has this life thing neatly sorted out and that somehow out of sheer bad luck, you missed the bus.images The point I am trying to make here is that regardless of which side of the playing field you are standing on, at some point it is shady, at some point it is sunny, and at some point you’re likely to get soaked. Well, less likely if you are living in California, but you get my point.


Spring Table - Liliane Hunt


After my last blog post I received some really insightful comments and paying attention to “nature’s rhythms” has remained in my mind. The comments are still there if you are curious, right at the bottom of “Go Ahead and Pinch Me’.  Anyway, back to the rhythm of life as it were. Spring is a time of rejuvenation. Seeds of hopes and dreams are being planted and the darkness of winter is disappearing. As I prepared to lay the table for my Spring Equinox, I began by polishing the wood of my table and chairs. It was the first time in months that the wood saw a tin of polish and felt a hot, warm breath and I began by polishing and manifesting from the wood up. My table has a story which at some point I will share with you. It has a symbolism that extends far beyond, “it’s pretty”. Which to quote Shania Twain, “Never did impress me much.”


Lemons and Limes - Liliane Hunt


As I may have mentioned in the previous post, the loft where I now reside with my LBD (little black rescue dogs)  on the South Waterfront district of Portland Oregon, (It makes me smile every time I say that) has 20 foot floor to ceiling windows. During the day I raise the blinds for the plants and the dogs and I to catch the sunlight.


Throughout the course of laying the table, I cannot tell you how many people came by the window to stop and stare. Intention - Liliane Hunt


Intention is a powerful thing and for whatever reason people were drawn to it. It is a funny thing how many conversations I have had with complete strangers who were drawn to the windows.


Jed sniffing the air - Liliane Hunt


The Z - Liliane Hunt

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I must also mention what wonderful creatures dogs are. They often perceptively sniff the air and decide a person’s energy does not smell to their liking, and let out a distinct sound to say, “You may leave now!”


The effect of their barking is almost immediate and it makes me smile and give thanks to my ever vigilant watch dogs.


Wine and Citrus - Liliane Hunt


The table was laid with the intentions of my hopes, the pieces spoke, and their desire to be a part of the celebration was heard. The seeds were planted and then an almost immediate reminder, the need to reach out and connect.


And so, here it is from me to you, a reminder, a gentle nudge, or giant shove if you need it.It is a great time to plant hopes and dreams starting with good and healthy intentions. Reach out to friends, family, and loved ones to check in.

Ostara Intention - Liliane Hunt

To The House of Hunt, I love you one and all!


Liliane Hunt and The House of Hunt - Image by John Goyer


I have readers from all over the world that follow my blog and so I wanted to avail myself of that opportunity to take a moment for the LGBT folks and their allies in Indiana.  On behalf of myself and The House of Hunt, you are in our thoughts and you have our support.


Let us hope the bitter seeds of discrimination may be washed away and replaced by something resembling respect and equality.

Limes - Liliane Hunt

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Well dear friends, it has been awhile indeed since I last wrote and we last spoke. Just after Folsom 2014, I was summoned with a random tax audit. Thankfully, I have always been fastidious about such matters. So as tedious as it was it was fine, and went without a hitch.


No matter how wicked you are in life; always remember to do your taxes. If you do plan on being especially wicked, it would be a good idea to make a special note of this; remember the only thing the notorious gangster Al Capone was ever convicted of, was tax evasion.



Moving on from taxes, the next items to hit my personal calendar were packing, packing, and more packing. Strangely and ironically, I gave notice on my San Francisco apartment exactly ten years to the day I moved in.  Talk about the end of an interesting era. If walls could talk I suspect my Glen Park apartment could provide an intriguing conversation at the very least.


As some of you know, I spent a good eight months looking at property around the Bay Area. I fell in love a few times; passionately over a beautiful blue house with extraordinary details of craftsmanship, then a house with a wonderful garden on a magical street with a garden, and so on.  Looking back on those unrequited love affairs, I can see with hindsight there was a reason they didn’t lead to anything more serious. Beyond the insanity of the SF market, all cash offers and so forth. I can tell you in each of them, there was a compromise. The beautiful blue house which was not quite in the perfect location and the old crumbling house that was so perfect yet needed so much work.  Pandora and The Box by John William WaterhouseA Pandora’s Box of problems both seen and unseen. Each offered something unique, but not quite the whole package. I have always been an idealist, in some ways it is part of my charm. I am obsessive in my search for perfection and those who know me well will attest to this. The House of Hunt family can tell you I make them crazy during rehearsals and yet at the end of the day there is a reason for my madness. Ironically it is often through our stumbles and mistakes that we arrive at precisely where we need to be. Mistakes and failure lead to success, remind yourself of this often it is valuable advice.


Interstate 5

Well to cut a long story somewhat short, I gave up on the house search and then within three months my world shifted on its axel and I found myself on a road trip to Portland Oregon with my three dogs in the back of the car.


The drive was;1200px-Wolf_Creek_Tavern totally surreal, there were trees everywhere and signs that seemed as if they were taken directly out of a book of fairy tales, Wolf Creek for example.


Zorro on his Portland road trip

The dogs became accustomed to the road side coffee huts providing cookies for dogs.   They would stick their faces out in drooly expectation.Coffee Hut Oregon People were friendly and charming, they passed the time of day, and it was nudge to stop, take a breath and be present.


Multnomah Falls

When I stopped and took a breath, I saw the most fabulous things. Streets lined with mature trees and old craftsman style homes bursting with turn of the century character and charm. Moss on a rock The closer I looked I saw gardens everywhere.  Even the pavement had gardens to the side, teaming with rocks and plants and everywhere you would expect concrete there was a garden green and lush and covered with a thousand shades of green moss.



An angel at Lone Fir Cemetery I am not sure if you believe in Magik. I can tell you it used to be very strong in me, growing up as a child in England surrounded by history and a rambling garden full of hidden walkways and steps to secret places.  I am not exactly sure when its voice grew less clear to me, but it has been far too long.  Portland Road TripDiscovering Portland and driving through Oregon I felt the air move through my body, mind, and spirit. The magik reawaken, rekindle and come alive, there was no question, no hesitation, no compromise, I knew where I needed to be.


Mount Tabor


On February 1st, I arrived in Portland Oregon. My belongings arrived a week later and feverishly I unpacked and began to catch my breath.

Three nights passed, I created a bountiful offering of thanks, all purple, green and silver. My dining table glittered with the light of silver candlesticks and gem stones, a purple tapestry resplendent with green limes and a vase full of purple and yellow flowers honoring the Spring Equinox. Tonight as I am typing in the office, I pause to watch the wind shake the trees through my twenty foot windows, somebody pinch me so I know it’s real.



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