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I noticed in my social media feed that Bawdy Storytelling was coming to Seattle, “That’s great,” I said, “I shall be sure to promote that”, which I did. “What a terrific lineup” I said, they have Dan Savage performing, Charlie Glickman, —— how exciting.

Then, just as I was seeing my last holiday house-guest off on the plane, a little leather puppy who handles logistics, messaged me. “So, Dixie wants to know if you are up for performing in Seattle.”

“When is it again?” I asked.Liliane Hunt & Tyke Image by John Goyer

“Six days, well to be fair it was evening so let’s say five.”

This then prompted a frantic and fruitless search for any notes from the previous Bawdy anniversary show a few years ago; only to discover that they were buried in a box in the storage unit, probably at the back, where the Yule decorations were. So I admit it I cursed, which is hardly out of line for Bawdy storytelling. Then I pondered what in the hell was I going to talk about.

In the purest of storytelling tales, I went out New Year’s Eve and a thing happened. A thing so absurd and inspiring that it became the opener for my tale and the rest, as it were, fell into place.

Bawdy Talk and Juicy DetailsThe story began with New Year’s Eve, then my childhood obsession with Beatrix Potter, jumped over to New York and the crazy story of my 29th birthday and the day I spotted the Greyhound and decided to move to San Francisco. Oh yes cavorting with wolves, hunting human foxes, forming The House of Hunt, meeting Tyke Puppy, moving to Portland and playing with faeries. I think that just about covers it.

LilianeHunt.JunkyardPackBefore the afore mentioned thing happened, I did have the fantastic idea to ask Tyke to contact Daddy Ace of The Junkyard Pack to ask if he would lend his pups for some mischief and mayhem on the Bawdy Stage. He graciously obliged not only for the stage, but also came out in full force with the rest of his family and pack. One row down the warmest site my eyes beheld, SEA – PAH. I don’t know if you recall, but a few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting the Seattle Pups and Handlers during the judging for Northwest Pups and Handlers. Not that I wish to get all sentimental, but I was just so genuinely touched that so many of them made it out to the show. It still warms my wicked heart.

LilianeHunt.Bawdy.Dixie.SeattleNow for the dirty talk. What you really want to know is what happened after the show right? You want all the juicy details of the Bawdy Orgy after each performance that follows the theme of the show (which in this case was “Bottoms Up”). Well I am sorry to leave you here hanging, but Dixie De La Tour is quite insistent on “What happens at the Bawdy Orgy stays at the Bawdy Orgy.” Only kidding, she lets us talk about it at Bawdy; you just have to come to the show!


Juicy Details as follows:
LilianeHunt.BawdyDan Savage is a gentleman; quiet, smart and super observant, refreshingly real, not in the least bit a diva, in fact quite the opposite. He also graciously lent me his jacket in the green room. There is nothing quite like wearing latex with a cold draft swirling around you. When Dan hit the stage you could feel the love all the way to the Green Room. His story was beautifully honest, funny and reflective. I loved it. Such a treat to hear him talk on his old home turf at the Re-bar.

LilianeHunt.CharlieGlickmanCharlie Glickman is seriously dishy and seriously funny. Did I just say that out loud?  The story he told, began at a restaurant well known for its tequila bar. If you have ever drunk tequila, you may already be shaking your head. All I can say is the tale he told was so incredible, if it was coming from anyone else you wouldn’t believe it. If he tells this story in Los Angeles, someone will turn it into a movie.


Dixie and Lesley Jones have told stories many times for Bawdy they are seriously funny so check them out if you ever see them in the lineup.

Princess Fancy Pants, the time keeper, LilianeHunt.Bawdy.Seattleis delightful, gorgeous and a treat to spend time with. It is always a joy to discover a like-minded soul. Also she does a thing with her posterior that is positively mesmerizing.



LilianeHunt.Bawdy.GraceLoveDrum roll, boys and girls, ladies and gentleman… if you have not yet had the pleasure of hearing Grace Love sing make it happen because she is incredible. You know when you catch sight of someone half way across a room and you both smile at the same time and then you think, “I feel like I know you” (and not in a weird way, but in a totally good way) well that is how I felt when I met Grace Love and then I heard her sing and it blew me away! Need I say more? I think not.

LilianeHunt.Bawdy.DixieThe Bawdy crew was awesome to work with, a huge thank you for them accommodating me and a pack of pups so graciously. The pups behaved or behaved as well as pups can be expected to behave, although I do believe there was an incident with Dixie de la Tour’s shoe. In fact I have no idea if Dixie got her shoe back or indeed the state of her shoe. Dixie do I owe you a pair of shoes?

LilianeHunt.Bawdy.Dixie.Seattle2And at the end of a long and delightful evening, a carriage awaited and I was escorted home by a magical assortment of creatures, no I had not been helping myself to the tequila, I am quite serious.  Flanked by the SEA-PAH family, The Evil Queen was escorted safely back to the castle. Josh steered the carriage providing knightly chivalry bar none, and Night Cat was a familiar par excellence. Special thanks to Andraste.com for the Bawdy images.


Liliane Hunt & House of Hunt



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Northwest Puppy Contest I flew into Oakland airport Monday evening from a remarkable weekend in Seattle, with Tyke Puppy. I was asked to judge at the Northwest Puppy Contest alongside a select panel of phenomenal judges: Daddy Jeff (Head Judge) of Seattle WA, Slavepup Axel International pup 2013 of Richmond VA, Steve Loki of Phoenix AZ and Mitch Kenyon of Vancouver BC.Northwest Puppy Contest

This was the very first Northwest Puppy Contest. The excitement and anticipation of which seemed to permeate the streets of Seattle. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but Capitol Hill had definitely gone to the dogs. Handsomely dressed trainers and pups, strolled along Pike Street from Dog House Leathers to The Cuff. Judges and contestants dashed in and out of The Dog House Bunker for the Saturday morning interviews. The dog days of summer were howling early in Seattle, but beyond the exceptionally sunny weather, defining exactly what was so remarkable about this event is not so easy. The activities can be simply laid out in a list, but the overall energy, now that is harder to explain. NPC was an experience, and for all of us I might surmise, a little life changing. A reaffirmation if you will about what makes puppy play just so incredibly wag-tastic. My observation is that there is something very special happening in the Northwest that the groups of SEA-PAH, PDX-PAH and VAN-PAH, figured out, and Seattle has put down the welcome mat in a way that is all inclusive, dynamic and simply irresistible.
Pup Figaro by MGraves Photography

Throughout the weekend my fellow judges and I got to know the five competitors: Pup Amp, Angel, Figaro, Phoenix and Trix. As well as each other in a variety of venues, from The Meet and Sniff, The Dog House Bunker interviews, the pup-tastic cocktail party and the grand finale of the Saturday night event that included hilarious, onstage show stopping performances. At each of these events the contestants demonstrated their leadership abilities, their love and dedication to pup play and revealed their compassionate and playful natures.Pup Figaro - Northwest Puppy 2014

Our not so easy task was to pick a winner, an alpha who could lead this vibrant and growing community of the Northwest and beyond. We poked and prodded and threw out the occasional bone (both literal and metaphorical) to see what these competitors were really made of. Finally after what seemed like a nail biting finish, the count was tallied and Pup Figaro was the brand new champion. Pup play has grown exponentially over the last few years and I am excited and thrilled by the caliber of the contestants I had the pleasure to meet. I have no doubt that Pup Figaro will make a fabulous ambassador for the Northwest, pup play and frankly just about anything. Oh, did I mention he also sings opera? Welcome to the next generation, the dog house is definitely the place to be.

The Mistress

My gratitude to Pup Gadget and Baus Yukon for producing such a phenomenal event, thank you for the gift basket containing the patch and pin of SEA-PAH, a bone shaped tag engraved with “Mistress” and a handmade blue flower that happens to be the exact color of my Pride dress. I am truly touched by your thoughtfulness.

To the pups and handlers of Portland, Seattle and Vancouver I look forward to many more encounters, it was joy to meet each one of you. Thank you to the lovely Master Blue Wolf president of PDX-PAH, for your gracious welcome and the little pink Tahoe, who reminds me of my bio pup Sheba and who exemplifies that fabulous pups come in all shapes and sizes even pink.

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