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Dearest friends and followers,

I wanted to take a moment of your precious time, to address some questions and comments that have come up repeatedly over the years, in particular, following a photoshoot.

“You always look so in your photos<insert compliment>, I wish I could do that, but I am not <insert adjective>”


Liliane Hunt Image by John Goyer


You can do it. Not wishing to thoroughly ruin my twistedly evil reputation, but yes anyone (even you, yes YOU) can stand in front of a camera and look beautiful. First of all, try to extract from your consciousness all those things you heard about what beauty is supposed to look like. (This also works for handsome, or any other word that speaks to your soul.) Everything you learned from television, magazines and the media in general.  Now take it all, scoop it up into a ball, open your door or window and breathe in deep. Curse, shout if it feels right, exhale and throw that rubbish as far away as possible. Wash your hands, take a shower, sage, go for a run, dance, whatever allows you to feel cleansed from the lies you have been told your entire life, because that is exactly what they are.

You are beautiful, handsome, cheeky, cute, dashing, sexy, pretty in every size, in every gender on the spectrum, in every race, every color and physicality imaginable and every damn age. It’s true, it really is. I know I have a reputation for being wicked, but you’re just going to have to trust me on this.


Sheba Ameera aka Weebit

Now we have sorted out why you think you can’t, let’s move on to step two!

“I would really love to take pictures like you but I don’t know how to get started.”

Find a photographer you want to work with and that you feel comfortable around. Maybe you have seen their work and think it’s awesome, or maybe you and a friend want to start shooting together.

Discuss the kind of pictures you want to take, what you feel comfortable with or not comfortable with, be upfront and candid. If you don’t know this person, try to find some background on them, people they have worked with before. Vet them.

Decide on a theme, a look, an overall idea, or just go with how the wind blows.  There are no rules.


Liliane Hunt Image by John Goyer

I have a bit of a reputation for my outfits, but the reality is you do not need a fancy whatever to look good, you really don’t. The first dress I wore in my very first shoot came from a thrift store and, if memory serves me correctly, I think it was under $10 . If you are one of those people who struggle to find things that fit your body. I get it, I really do (I’m one of those people too). So if you are shooting from the front, pin or clamp the back, or get someone to sew you into it. No one will ever be the wiser; you wouldn’t believe how many shoots I have done with cheats like these.IMAG3876

Have fun, experiment, if clothes aren’t for you, but shooting in the buff isn’t something you feel super comfortable with either, you do have options. Body paint, fabric, draped strategically, if you are trying to do this as economically as possible, look around your home, your apartment, see what you can adapt and be creative. Take risks, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, it is all part of the fun.


Liliane Hunt and Jessi K Image by John Goyer

If you are working with an experienced photographer he will likely have lighting, or have a sense of how to work with what you have at home. If this is just you and a friend starting at the beginning, teach yourself some basics, “how?” you ask, Google is your friend.  The lighting can make or break a shot so it’s always something to keep in mind.


Image of Ed Mestre by John Goyer

Those are the basics, the rest is simply the icing. Well one more piece of advice, if you are not shooting in a studio, rather on location, or at home; take a few moments to check your space for something that you don’t want in the shot. This can be as simple as moving the sofa and discovering a dust bunny. It really is worth the time to double check.

“How did you get started in all this?”

Twenty plus years of theater both in England and the U.S. preceded my very first outing to Folsom Street Fair nine years ago, that particular adventure began with a tremendously rocky beginning.


Liliane Hunt 2007, the beginning.

I had been grieving the death of my father, the threat of having to leave the US due to my Visa running out, and the dissolution of a four year relationship all at the same time. You might say I was miserable and quite soggy in my misery. Finally, Mr. Wizard (yes the infamous House of Hunt Wizard), suggested, in his Wizardly way, that I had been miserable long enough and now I needed to live life and go to Folsom Street Fair.  So I got up, got out of bed, put on an outfit that I felt good in, and that I had actually helped design a few months back, and off we went to Folsom. I literally had no idea what I was walking into, however I trusted Mr. Wizard. A very important quality to remember when choosing your wizard, or did he choose me? I guess we will never know. If I asked him I guarantee he would chuckle and answer the question with a question. IMG_4774

The sun was shining, I laughed for the first time in a very long time, and there were photographers. I had fun, and at some point over that evening or the next day (I forget), I ended up on the front page of The Chronicle and somewhere near Paris Hilton in the society pages of SF Luxe with the statement,  “Mistress Liliane best dressed at Folsom, some might say the only dressed.”FolsomStreetFair2007_LilianeHuntTheHouseofHunt

Now this in a nutshell started the whole ball rolling, because people started asking what I was going to do the following year. Then people started asking me to come to events in my outfits, then with my entourage, then could I do something on stage, and then what would I like to do on stage and how long for and so on… and that my friends is how it all began.

“If you could give any advice what would it be?”

When you find yourself immersed in a vat of lemon juice, I am not talking simple lemon throwing; I am talking full immersion. Keep swimming, keep moving, doggy paddle, do whatever it takes to keep moving, because sooner or later this too will pass. Sometimes the passing is that you find resolution in yourself and strength you never knew you had. Situations don’t necessarily change, but your ability to process them does. Be kind to yourself, love yourself, and nurture yourself. Find what gives you joy and do it. Be mindful of what you put in, on and around your body. Surround yourself with good people and people that call you on your stuff and nonsense when it needs to be called out. Perform an act of kindness for no other reason than to be compassionate and make this a habit. Draw your boundaries firmly and respect your boundaries. Allow love in your life in whatever form feels right, plants, animals, people it doesn’t matter allow love, give it and be open to receiving it.IMAG0130_1

Create something awesome! It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be food, music, art; it doesn’t even have to sound arty just create. Push yourself and give yourself permission to rest. Listen to your body and do not toss away the seeds of your dreams, plant them, water them and let them grow.

With many thanks and gratitude to all the amazing people in my life who have made this extraordinary journey possible. Lifetimes of gratitude to Mr. Wizard for being the very first person to believe in what I was creating and insisting I go to Folsom. So much love for the beautiful women, men (and those in-between) in my life that inspire me on a daily basis. You know who you are, cheeky, handsome, cute, pretty, sexy… YOU.


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I noticed in my social media feed that Bawdy Storytelling was coming to Seattle, “That’s great,” I said, “I shall be sure to promote that”, which I did. “What a terrific lineup” I said, they have Dan Savage performing, Charlie Glickman, —— how exciting.

Then, just as I was seeing my last holiday house-guest off on the plane, a little leather puppy who handles logistics, messaged me. “So, Dixie wants to know if you are up for performing in Seattle.”

“When is it again?” I asked.Liliane Hunt & Tyke Image by John Goyer

“Six days, well to be fair it was evening so let’s say five.”

This then prompted a frantic and fruitless search for any notes from the previous Bawdy anniversary show a few years ago; only to discover that they were buried in a box in the storage unit, probably at the back, where the Yule decorations were. So I admit it I cursed, which is hardly out of line for Bawdy storytelling. Then I pondered what in the hell was I going to talk about.

In the purest of storytelling tales, I went out New Year’s Eve and a thing happened. A thing so absurd and inspiring that it became the opener for my tale and the rest, as it were, fell into place.

Bawdy Talk and Juicy DetailsThe story began with New Year’s Eve, then my childhood obsession with Beatrix Potter, jumped over to New York and the crazy story of my 29th birthday and the day I spotted the Greyhound and decided to move to San Francisco. Oh yes cavorting with wolves, hunting human foxes, forming The House of Hunt, meeting Tyke Puppy, moving to Portland and playing with faeries. I think that just about covers it.

LilianeHunt.JunkyardPackBefore the afore mentioned thing happened, I did have the fantastic idea to ask Tyke to contact Daddy Ace of The Junkyard Pack to ask if he would lend his pups for some mischief and mayhem on the Bawdy Stage. He graciously obliged not only for the stage, but also came out in full force with the rest of his family and pack. One row down the warmest site my eyes beheld, SEA – PAH. I don’t know if you recall, but a few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting the Seattle Pups and Handlers during the judging for Northwest Pups and Handlers. Not that I wish to get all sentimental, but I was just so genuinely touched that so many of them made it out to the show. It still warms my wicked heart.

LilianeHunt.Bawdy.Dixie.SeattleNow for the dirty talk. What you really want to know is what happened after the show right? You want all the juicy details of the Bawdy Orgy after each performance that follows the theme of the show (which in this case was “Bottoms Up”). Well I am sorry to leave you here hanging, but Dixie De La Tour is quite insistent on “What happens at the Bawdy Orgy stays at the Bawdy Orgy.” Only kidding, she lets us talk about it at Bawdy; you just have to come to the show!


Juicy Details as follows:
LilianeHunt.BawdyDan Savage is a gentleman; quiet, smart and super observant, refreshingly real, not in the least bit a diva, in fact quite the opposite. He also graciously lent me his jacket in the green room. There is nothing quite like wearing latex with a cold draft swirling around you. When Dan hit the stage you could feel the love all the way to the Green Room. His story was beautifully honest, funny and reflective. I loved it. Such a treat to hear him talk on his old home turf at the Re-bar.

LilianeHunt.CharlieGlickmanCharlie Glickman is seriously dishy and seriously funny. Did I just say that out loud?  The story he told, began at a restaurant well known for its tequila bar. If you have ever drunk tequila, you may already be shaking your head. All I can say is the tale he told was so incredible, if it was coming from anyone else you wouldn’t believe it. If he tells this story in Los Angeles, someone will turn it into a movie.


Dixie and Lesley Jones have told stories many times for Bawdy they are seriously funny so check them out if you ever see them in the lineup.

Princess Fancy Pants, the time keeper, LilianeHunt.Bawdy.Seattleis delightful, gorgeous and a treat to spend time with. It is always a joy to discover a like-minded soul. Also she does a thing with her posterior that is positively mesmerizing.



LilianeHunt.Bawdy.GraceLoveDrum roll, boys and girls, ladies and gentleman… if you have not yet had the pleasure of hearing Grace Love sing make it happen because she is incredible. You know when you catch sight of someone half way across a room and you both smile at the same time and then you think, “I feel like I know you” (and not in a weird way, but in a totally good way) well that is how I felt when I met Grace Love and then I heard her sing and it blew me away! Need I say more? I think not.

LilianeHunt.Bawdy.DixieThe Bawdy crew was awesome to work with, a huge thank you for them accommodating me and a pack of pups so graciously. The pups behaved or behaved as well as pups can be expected to behave, although I do believe there was an incident with Dixie de la Tour’s shoe. In fact I have no idea if Dixie got her shoe back or indeed the state of her shoe. Dixie do I owe you a pair of shoes?

LilianeHunt.Bawdy.Dixie.Seattle2And at the end of a long and delightful evening, a carriage awaited and I was escorted home by a magical assortment of creatures, no I had not been helping myself to the tequila, I am quite serious.  Flanked by the SEA-PAH family, The Evil Queen was escorted safely back to the castle. Josh steered the carriage providing knightly chivalry bar none, and Night Cat was a familiar par excellence. Special thanks to Andraste.com for the Bawdy images.


Liliane Hunt & House of Hunt



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I am not quite sure where to begin with writing about the last couple of months. They have been both monumental and extraordinary, event season can take on the appearance of climbing the Himalayas, in which hopefully you make it to the top exhausted, satisfied and alive. Finally I am reemerging back into normal life, whatever that is!  Starting with my description of The House of Hunt’s performance at Masquerotica 2012.

This is our second year of performing for Masquerotica and what a delight on so many levels.  A big thank you for being so nice and engaging to work with, yes we noticed all the details and we The House thank you. Mark you calenders for next year, the Masquerotica team knows how to throw a party!

Congratulations to my immeasurably talented crew.  Domino set the stage perfectly and then dressed in a flowing black cape, and  became our strikingly sexy security guard.  Liliane Hunt and The BrotherThe Brother awesome as my side kick and absolutely marvelous as our priest, dressed in a black cassock and knee length leather boots.  He led the procession, swinging the incense towards the crowd, which parted miraculously (thank you to Stefanos and crew for your expert assistance on this).  The fabulously talented Nancy Peach had set the stage with several of her exquisite pieces that worked so tremendously with our performance that its hard to imagine performing without her paintings, Nancy has assured me that her paintings travel, hmm I think we need to make this happen Nancy!

Making an EntranceThe Twisted Carriage, custom built and designed by Sex and Metal (her write up will follow soon) was led by Ronin Pony in his glistening black latex fully embracing his demonic nature for the night. For those of you familiar with our  performance this is our annual prey hunt and this year was no exception.  Hidden within the crowd our Prey, (performed by the one and only Jessie K) attempted with all her might not be caught by our duo of fabulous hunting dogs, Tyke Puppy and Troy looking exceptionally dapper in Edwardian jackets and red silk cravats, not to mention the wolf head swords.  They captured our exquisite Prey, where she was led onto the stage to be seduced and sacrificed for our wicked pleasure.

At the very last moment I bestow mercy on her (much to the dismay of the priest) collar her and have her join the Hunting Party to become one of us.

For a more in depth and excellently chronicled account please see adultxevents.com.

Where the Prey “succumbs to Liliane’s debauchery….”


A fabulous black and red fascinator designed by Mr. Song Millinery inspired the concepts of life and death, dark and light and the entire color scheme for the show. Twenty minutes of fully choreographed performance, set to a musical score that seamlessly wove Mozart’s Requiem and a Rock version of Hallelujah, as a director actor and producer I couldn’t of be more proud of my enormously talented House. Special thanks to Retrotie for kindly providing the majority of photographs, SF Station and to Jamie for our video.

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Welcome to a weekend of training and immersion!  We provide the backdrop, you decide how deeply you want to go.

We are at war, the enemy is vague, whoever you want it to be, we allude to them you fill in the blanks. Shhhh whatever you do … don’t say the name out loud!  You never know who might be listening!  We have travelled back in time, somewhere between WW1 and WW11; we are concentrating on the fetish and ignoring the brutal reality of war, although you can of course allude to it.

You are the new recruits for Training Camp, obviously there are officers, everyone needs officers.  Then you have the folks barking out the orders (no pun intended), the cavalry and their horses, the military dogs and of course the soldiers.

It may rain, however listening to the rain beat against the walls of the yurt may indeed add to the ambience, the training can and will continue! The officers will do what they have always done, look good, stay clean and observe from a distance. Yes, there is media and we will create an atmosphere, like I said the historical accuracy is not and I repeat not accurate.

This is only brutal if you want it to be, if you are unable to camp say so and we can discuss a day pass.  Upon arrival you will fill out a top secret form in which you reveal your name, your position, your identity – dog, pony, human etc. your limits, likes and prior injuries.  If interrogation turns you on then be prepared, it may just happen.  If spending time in the cage sounds terrible say so, or if it sounds like heaven, watch out you may just caught for…….you fill in the blank.

If you like the idea of being an officer and watching your significant or insignificant other put through their paces whilst you relax and discuss top secret things with your fellow officers, do so.

If you would like to be there but see yourself in more of a service position, we can make that happen, and there are a variety of options to choose from, medical, tea service, serving the port etc.

Saturday night is the Gas Mask Social, cigars around a camp fire, smore hunting and burning permitted. Officers drinking a glass of port, ambient music and a classic movie playing on the screen, its black and white and I am not saying what movie I chose, although it is one of my favorites.  For the Gas Mask Social we do encourage you to dress up inspired by a uniform, or your favorite fetish, tea dress permitted there were parties after all and this is war time so don’t forget your gas mask.

( If you are allergic to rubber, hate gas masks, no you will not have to wear one.  It’s all consensual, although you are of course encouraged to participate in the theme.)

A quick and brief reminder this is supposed to be fun, so we won’t make you do things unless you like that sort of thing and remember to specify it on your form. “Please pin me down dressed only in latex and make me wear a gas mask” Ok that’s a bit specific and there are no guarantees, but you get the picture.

After registration you report to Doctor Hunt, with your horse, dog or significant/insignificant other.

No you don’t need to have a significant or insignificant other to attend.

Medical Fetishists and folks looking to opt out of an activity make friends with  Doctor Hunt and you can be given a leave of absence or a medical stay!

Reply to Events@LilianeHunt.com<mailto:Events@LilianeHunt.com> and my web pup can answer all pertinent questions and enlist you.

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  1. Are you looking to do something exciting over the Halloween weekend October 27/28 but so far have no plans, or would really like an excuse to bail on the ones you do have?
  2. Do you fantasize being a pup or pony in the outdoors, with a late night bonfire, howl and neigh?
  3. Can you camp for a night? ( if you are putting up your tent for the very first time, there will be personnel on site to help tent challenged critters and humans.)
  4. Do you want to get dirty?
  5. Do you love uniforms, boots and gas masks?
  6. Does the idea of full immersion sound fun and a little scary in a good way?
  7. Does your pup or pony play well with others?

If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions, then Training Camp may be for you.

The team of volunteers making all this happen are ex or current military personnel, animal trainers or handlers, animal role play enthusiasts. We also have AMAZING raffle prizes from Mr. S Leather, Stompers Boots, Taboo Leather and awesome gift baskets to help Loup Garou Animal Rescue in our Saturday night raffle and Gas Mask Social (Gas Masks optional). I will also be donating a pair of my own size 8 thigh high leather boots!

If you would like to participate write to Events@Liliane Hunt.com – where my event coordinator handles bookings and then look for me on Facebook or Fetlife and let me know you are coming!

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I am thrilled to announce that this year’s Masquerotica, will blow your mind. Last year we performed to a standing ovation, this year we are pulling out all the stops. A custom Edwardian pony cart handmade by the amazing artists Sex and Metal, sexy talented new members of our performance troop, awesome costumes and a fabulous fascinator by Mr. Song Millinery  that yours truly has been dying to wear. Oh and did I mention  this year we are performing for twice as long!

Warning! Don’t be shocked, but this is when Liliane Hunt shows off her dark side, human prey will be found  hunted, captured and then…

‘The 2nd Annual MASQUEROTICA epic and sexy costumed spectacular invites ALL orientations of positive expression to San Francisco’s Concourse Exhibition Center on SATURDAY, October 20, 2012 for a celebratory night of unforgettable pageantry, entertainment, music and scintillating fun! • With NINE ARTFUL ERO-PLAYGROUND ENVIRONMENTS designed by the Bay Area’s most innovative and exciting promotors (including KINKY SALON, CLUB EXOTICA, KINK.COM CHAMBER, BONDAGE A GO GO and TRANNYSHACK,) Masquerotica features an amazing lineup of talent and entertainment including THE STANTON WARRIORS (from the UK,) RON KAT’S KATDELIC (From P-FUNK ALL-STARS,) ACTION JACKSON (Disco Funkn’ Soul Revue,) THE HUBBA HUBBA REVUE (SF’s Top Burlesquers,) MTV’S JULIE BROWN, DELTA WORK, LILIANE HUNT and MASTER STEPHANOS. Featured Powerhouse DJ’s include CAZWELL (from NYC) SYD GRIS, ICON, JOCELYN, SMASHELTOOTH, DELACHAUX, CARNITA AND BROWN AMY, FERAL and HAX.’

Full Info: http://masquerotica.com – Advance Tickets: http://masquerotica2012.eventbrite.com21 + / Costumes & Creative Sexy Wear Passionately Encouraged! (Contact: info@masquerotica.com)masquerotica 2012masquerotica 2012masquerotica


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I must admit to not having fully recovered from DomCon until all of my clothes and accessories, are returned to their correct and happy place.  The gloves, the jewelry, the hats, the dresses, the latex, the leather, the boots and shoes and did I mention the stockings?  Yes, I am particular about my stockings.  Slowly but surely the organization returns.  I dislike clutter I am unable to think, I like knowing that everything is where it should be, that includes people.  Animals are a much longer conversation and don’t even get me started on wolves.  What I can say is Goddess Phoenix of Atlanta is just lovely and owns a pure bred white bio wolf whereas I own the non bio kind.

It was an absolute delight to meet the wonderful Mistresses from throughout the world that work hard at making this world a much better behaved place, Mistress Servalan of  Sydney Australia, Mistress Absolute of London England, who of course arrived with her butler and Domme Jaguar of Mexico City.

I flew into LAX Wednesday night, Pup followed in the car with the rest of my clothes. Thursday night myself and Mistress Ellen took a bite out of the Mistress dinner, did a miraculous change of clothes and were on stage in less than hour.  We were the hosts of the Fetish Circus, DomCon’s official Meet and Greet. The stage was filled with performing animals, a fox that Tyke Puppy chased off the stage and into a crowd of internationally renowned Mistresses, a naughty juggler who juggled panties, performing ponies and a clown who did something with her plunger! Let’s just say the night was jam-packed with entertainment.

Friday morning a very informative class on taxes, yes even Mistresses need to be up to date on these things, and another great class on spanking by Miss Chris.

Friday night, was Sanctuary LAX, don’t even ask about the day!  Thankfully the magnetic strap I purchased, that can also be used as a cuffs and a collar, is just so delightfully purse sized, the beautiful Cocobolo paddle and where oh where are the shrugs. I do admit to a tiny bit of shopping before DomCon, a fabulous something straight off the catwalk bought especially for the Mistress Dinner.

Saturday was non stop, the highlights were the Pet awards, where myself and Tyke Puppy won Best in Show and the infamous DDI photo shoot, thank God I came prepared, with a full length cape, we shot outside and no doubt entertained our neighbors!

Sunday came and went all to soon, I played at the after party and chatted with the lovely Maitresse Renee, who missed her bio pups and was teasing Tyke Puppy with that enormous chew toy! Finally I disappeared off to bed, slept a few hours and then flew home, back to San Francisco.

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