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The House Of Hunt - By Jared Mechaber

The House Of Hunt – by Jared Mechaber


The House of Hunt Horses- By Max Luo

The War Horses Sparta and Hexx by Max Luo


Preparations for our annual Folsom pilgrimage begin in January, when The War Horses Sparta and Hexx, request the Folsom itinerary. Slowly the wheels of creativity begin to churn in my mind, waiting for the spark of inspiration, that will reveal our theme for the year. This year carried a special significance, namely the seven year anniversary of my first Folsom attendance and the beginning of The House of Hunt. imagesSeven is a particularly powerful and auspicious number “seven is the number of the natural world. There are 7 days in the week, 7 notes on the musical scale and 7 directions (left, right, up, down, forward, back and center). “


Liliane Hunt - By John Mallery

Liliane Hunt and The House of Hunt by John Mallery


For my readers who have never attended Folsom, perhaps it may seem odd that I might use the word pilgrimage and consult the numerological significance of each year. However, if you have known Folsom and immersed yourself fully in its experiences, then I suspect you will know precisely what I am taking about! There are good years, great years and years that are epic.  2014 can be characterized by a single word, epic.

Liliane Hunt with Sparta and Tyke   by John Goyer

Liliane Hunt with Sparta and Tyke
by John Goyer






Don’t let me fool you into thinking that everything just casually fell into place.

The House of Hunt - By BoBoChee

The House of Hunt by BoBoChee

At 9:45, the morning of Folsom, just after Lori Nichols had intricately braided and twisted my hair into place for Draco, the exquisite dragon made by the milliner Mr. Song, I received the news that the makeup artist I had an appointment with was going to be a no show. By the divine grace of the Gods a super talented individual by the name of Andrea Ortega rose to the challenge of providing glamorous makeup for the Evil Queen at a moment’s notice. She did an absolutely stellar job incorporating the iridescent quality of the dragon and the purple hues of The House of Hunt colors.

Liliane Hunt - By cpony

Liliane Hunt and her War Horses by cpony


Picture if you will; Lori and I just after makeup discovering that our Uber driver was also going to be a no show, the gps on our phones no longer working and us running down Market Street.  Me in my floor length purple gown with the sweeping train, attempting to flag down a taxi New York style. Both of us aware that every single member of The House of Hunt was at the rendezvous point with the Twisted Carriage all geared up and waiting. Thankfully, we batted enough lemons already that morning and a cab appeared.

Liliane Hunt and Lori Nichols- By D&R

Liliane Hunt by D&R Photography




Lori (pictured behind the rear of my carriage) had ridden a midnight train to San Francisco. The Horses flew in from another state.  Our Security rode a Harley across two states, for two days and the Wizard rode his sports car over the Golden Gate Bridge, pointy hood flying in the wind.

I have to admit, setting out on any House of Hunt adventure feels epic. We don’t do small adventures, just big ones. Half-assed doesn’t cut it, go big or go home.  All for one and one for all, and finally The House of Hunt motto: Non Sibi Sed Suis.

The House of Hunt - By cpony

The House of Hunt by cpony

“Would you care for an apple? They are quite fresh I assure you. The Wizard collected them only this morning!”


Jessi K - By Acrofish

Jessi K by Acrofish

Jessi K, Lady in Waiting, head of HoH media outreach.

Tyke Puppy - By Paul Tracy

Tyke Puppy by Paul Tracy

Tyke Puppy, Crown Equerry.

HOH Security - By Acrofish

HOH Security by Acrofish

HoH head of Security, Queen’s Guard.






Like any relationship, it is often the trials and tribulations that bring you closer together. There is no mistaking we are a team, a fabulous eclectic family of artists and adventurers from across the country. Coming together throughout the year, to support one another in our endeavors. Creating our unique brand of fetishistic performance art, drawing on all the elements of; music, dance, costume, special effects, lighting, and theatre. Seven years ago as The House of Hunt was just beginning, the Wizard suggested I attend Folsom. Seven years later, HoH flew and drove half way across the country to celebrate our auspicious anniversary together.

The House of Hunt - By Acrofish

The Filmmaker and The House of Hunt by Acrofish


With heartfelt thanks to our fabulously talented filmmaker Roger Landon Hall of Infinite Mind Media, HoH is forever indebted and thrilled to announce that the 2014 Folsom video is now live!

Much gratitude to Mr. Song Millinery and the creative genius Luke Song, milliner to the Evil Queen. “Draco”, the dragon fascinator, was his exquisite creation and much admired throughout the entire event.

Lori Nichols, incredible stylist and go to lady on the big day.

If you would like to book an appointment with Lori Nichols, mention the Liliane Hunt Gold Seal of Approval, first time clients will get $5 off their next service.

Sincere thanks to Andrea Ortega who did a phenomenal job with makeup.

Many thanks to the amazing photographers who sent me the incredible images you see in the blog post.

Finally, scritches to my Tyke Puppy who is my; right hand with four paws, grammar ninja, head of logistics, Crown Equerry, and rock star puppy. Thank you.

Liliane Hunt and Tyke - RichardGreenstoneFolsom14

Liliane Hunt and Tyke by Richard Greenstone


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Friday night I attended the opening night party of the Gorgeous exhibition at the Asian Art Museum.  The theme for the evening was Grit and Glamour, and the dress code was to show it all off by dressing up or down.

Liliane Hunt

The Asian Art Museum is on the list of things in my life that make me just a little more whole, and a lot more sane.  From the moment I walk up the steps through the large doors and into the cool foyer, I feel as if I am I returning home.  I breathe deeply filling my lungs with the familiar air and my heart beats a little more quickly.


Let me back up just a little here.  A number of years ago I used to work for a theatre company a few blocks away from the museum and so I became a member and the museum became my neighbor.  It was a place of meditation and thought, and a place to spend time with pieces so familiar they became like old wise friends.


To cut a long and ambling story short, my theatre eventually closed, my membership lapsed and I was just too busy to do the item on my list of things that make me a little more whole and a lot more sane.  (Note to self here; if I am drinking too much caffeine, too stressed to do yoga and too busy to do the things that keep me sane, STOP, back up, and reprioritize.)  However I digress, two or more years passed and I visited the museum from time to time but not in the same way.  Mainly I dived in for lunch or taking friends to visit, but not wandering free and ambling wherever my instincts guided me. Liliane Hunt by John Goyer

Then Friday happened.  One thing after another uncoiled itself in such a way that fighting the chaos would have been, well stupid frankly.  Sometimes, you just have to ride the bull and go with it wherever it takes you. The bull metaphor has nothing to do with mechanical bulls, in case you were wondering.  Grit and Glamor was not something I could say no to.


“Are you trying to seduce my fetishistic heart with your exquisite beauty juxtaposed with grit?”


“Is that a challenge to my senses?”


Well then Museum full of wonder, I accept your challenge!  Violate and enthrall my senses!  Let’s see what you have!

Liliane Hunt at Grit and Glamor

For my fetishistic followers curious as to my costume for the night, let me to elaborate. I chose a richly embroidered Ralph Lauren jacket.  A vintage piece from the runway, my choice was deliciously inspired by the exquisite metal work and sumptuous detail of the elephant seat; otherwise known as The Howdah.

My shirt was by Betsy Johnson.  It was black, full of ties, tight lacing, and my nod to grit. My belt was Moroccan and bought some years ago in New York in the meat packing district during its rebirth from meat packing to fashion, and the wrapping of an alternate kind of meat.  Our meat, food for thought indeed!  My True Religion jeans, faded and aged, a uniform of sorts, keeping things understated. Boots, much like hats and gloves are a signature of mine. Boots mean business.  Boots keep your feet and legs protected from the elements, from hidden dangers, and you can kick ass in a pair of boots both literally and metaphorically. If you need to deal with grit, wear a pair of boots I say.

Liliane Hunt by John Goyer

Here I am reminded of that oh so iconic image in the Museum’s exhibition; Christian Dior shoes, and a pair of filthy swollen feet.  The image poses the questions, “What kind of a night did this woman emerge from? Was it a night of pain or pleasure or both?”  I have to admit I am not hideously repelled by her filthy feet, so much as reminded me a little of my own misspent youth and dangerous adventures.  Whatever your adventure I go back to my previous statement, “you will always fare better in boots.”

Marilyn Minter, Strut, Collection SFMOMA

Gloves of course, black, Italian, and leather, the hands are both seen and unseen, a handshake is felt and yet touch is limited to the press of the leather against your skin.  My hat, a darling little top hat with a veil that touches the bridge of the nose.  The veil, what is seen and unseen appears as a striking metaphor to much of the captivating photography. Marilyn 28 yrs old, Las Vegas Nevada $30, so powerful, so profound an image.  The subject matter challenges you to look and see the person behind the role of the streetwalker, or cross dresser.  Who is she?  I am limited to this image, the angle it was taken and the expression on her face.  She presents as female so that is something of the story she tells you.  Her eyes keep you transfixed with their beauty, their sadness and their survival.

Marilyn, 28 years old, Las Vegas, Nevada $30.www.sfmoma.org

I could continue, but frankly the whole premise of the exhibition is that it’s really not about what anyone else thinks, it’s about what you think. What is gorgeous to you and where does it come?

So that’s your tease from The Fetishist.  If you can make it, I urge you to go and let me know what you think.

Bravo to the curators Allison Harding and Forrest McGill for a phenomenal exhibition.

Friday night I returned home, my membership renewal for 2014 was in the mail the following morning.


P.S. I took the Gorgeous Artwork Quiz and ….

“You are Elephant seat (howdah)

Regal yet decidedly sensuous, you command attention wherever you go. You value high service, quality craftsmanship, comfort and opulence—your tastes are beyond exquisite. If you have one flaw, it would be your supercilious nature: You can come off a bit arrogant and ‘above it all.’ Still, you have class and gentility to spare, and those who meet your sky-high expectations are lucky to bask in your dazzling light.”



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 Liliane Hunt and Jessi K, photo by John Goyer

“The Other Side of the Mirror” is a wickedly seductive fairytale created just for adults.  Set in a magical world steeped in the rich symbolism of stories we are all familiar with.  The archetypes are all there: the Evil Queen, the Wizard, the ingénue and plenty of faeries.  However, this is not your Disney fairy tale in the least.  The ingénue, played by Jessi K, is on a journey of both sexual and self-discovery and the colorful cast of characters she encounters present her with experiences beyond her wildest dreams.

“The show has an intensity that will captivate you from beginning to end.  It is erotic and playful, embracing both the light and dark side in all of us.  Upon reflection, what I love more than anything is to explore the dark side of sexual adventure.  Grabbing your hand and taking you there with me, once your eyes adjust to the light, what you discover is that the dark side is a very colorful place indeed.” says Liliane Hunt, thespian, fetishist and dominatrix.


Written and directed by Liliane Hunt and performed by The House of Hunt.

This is the third year The House of Hunt will be working with Masquerotica and we couldn’t be more excited.

Come join us on October 19 live at The Sound Factory in San Francisco for Masquerotica 2013 Caranaval Fantastique, tickets available at http://masq2013.eventbrite.com/

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Liliane Hunt by John GoyerThis past weekend I had the pleasure of teaching at The Group In Fresno’s Anniversary Ball (TGIF).  My class was on The Art and History of Fetish Worship, a subject near and dear to my heart . TGIF was celebrating its anniversary with a 1920’s theme and had asked if I would be available and willing to teach a class on Fetishism.

The group was founded fifteen years ago by Mistress Tawnie, a remarkable lady by all accounts and one whom I regret that I never had  the opportunity to meet in person.  She passed away two years ago after a struggle with cancer.  Tyke Puppy is originally from Fresno and has spoken to me often of Mistress Tawnie, her belief in both the necessity of education and building strong community.

Packing for a trip is always a process, packing when I am teaching, attending a ball and doing filming becomes much trickier.  After a couple of false starts we were finally on our way:  myself, Tyke, my bio pups, their food and accessories, my luggage, camera equipment, projector and screen.  Thankfully we were meeting Manny Montecito, our First Unit Director and the rest of the crew in Fresno and didn’t have to squeeze them in the car as well.

29th_st_sb_app_n_stArriving in Fresno you are instantly struck by the wall of heat that is all consuming, acclimatizing your body and mind takes some skill.  Sun block must be frequently reapplied, hats must be worn at all times and water constantly consumed to avoid dehydration.  A jacket should also be carried whenever you are likely to encounter air conditioning.  Baring all my survival tips in mind, I still managed to not drink enough water and get sun burned during our hike through the Tower district, in the full glare of the mid day sun.  How does the song go?  Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun… Thankfully my bio pups have strong survival skills and declined to be a part of Sundays filming project.

M2007_211_336a-b-AV001Teaching this particular Fetish class is always a delight for numerous reasons. In my early twenties whilst living in England, I worked for several museums and heritage sites teaching history through theatre.  Not only did I get to explore fabulous architecture such as a Norman castle, touch things that were roped off, such as a Victorian school room or learn how to cook on a Victorian range.  I am quite serious, my cooking skills with a coal fire stove are far superior to anything I can or would attempt with a  contemporary stove, however I digress, it is not stoves or cooking that I wanted to mention but fashion. M2007_211_367-DL001

One of the highlights of those years was a costume and textile exhibit from the eighteenth to the twentieth century.  To say I was a little obsessed was putting it mildly, I breathed in the clothes, they were magnificent in their construction and endlessly fascinating in their details.  In 2010 I attended an exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail, 1700-1915 amongst its collection were a pair of 19th century European thigh high boots lined in red silk and a black leather corset, clearly identified as fetish items.  My passion for history and fashion and my fetishist soul were fused together at that moment. Scan

Tracing the memories back further, I was fourteen years old when I found a book at a flea market. On the front cover was a Victorian woman in a corset and tightly laced boots pulling up her stockings.  The image captivated me and the fetishist was awakened.  Life having come full circle, my story is now a part of my class as are the stories of the people that attend, who share their own moments of truth their own awakening and in doing so become a part of the wider circle of Fetishistic history.

Intelligent, thought provoking conversation prevailed throughout the weekend.  Saturday night my table companions were delightful and engaging, a beautiful girl with a head full of curls and a knack for a curling iron offered to curl my hair, because I had admired hers.  People dressed for the theme, with a panache and flair that charmed my senses.  The evening was intimate, lively and the company engaging.

Sunday, a hair cut with Lori Nichols followed by filming and browsing through antique shops looking for the perfect thing that I couldn’t live with out.

3:00 pm the car is packed, the goodbyes are said and we leave for San Francisco.

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Liliane Hunt by Michael V5:00 a.m. – Wakeup call for the House of Hunt, enforced by Sheba the chi-weenie.

5.30 a.m. – Showers, breakfast, coffee and more wake up barking and squeaking of toys for the reluctant crew members….you know who you are!


6:00 a.m. – Hair begins with the lovely Lori Nichols twisting, braiding and smiling.

7:00 a.m. – Adria Hill arrives armed and inspired to do my make-up.  She is accompanied by another fabulously attired special ops security crew member.Liliane Hunt by Totocebu

8:00 a.m. – The crew starts disappearing to take the Twisted Carriage to the parade site.  The Twisted Carriage is my custom human pony carriage designed by Sex and Metal.  She sleeps in down comforter’s between her appearances and this was her very first outdoor event.  She insists upon traveling with her own security personnel and will not tolerate being left alone.

9:00 a.m. – I am in the car, holding “Seduce Amuse”, my priceless fascinator designed by Mr. Song  and sent to me especially for Pride, with the instruction that “Seduce”, was edgy, glamorous and I needed to wear her.  Mr. Song, I am powerless to resist your hats and fascinators. “Seduce” is another fabulous lady that insists on her own security.Liliane Hunt by Totocebu

9.20 a.m. – Arrive at the destination site.

9.20 a.m. -2.30 p.m. – Checking off the arrivals of the human pony carts and the arrival of the Leather Marshals, making sure everyone is situated and all carts have riders.  Getting video footage of the San Francisco Leather Contingent VIP’s with The House of Hunt cinematographer Manny Montecito.  Performing safety checks on the ponies with boot fetishes, trying to find a bathroom and drink only enough to stay hydrated.  This is not a plan I encourage, but with a priceless fascinator and couture evening dress my options were limited.Liliane Hunt by Jacob T. Meltzer

2.30 p.m. – Finally there was movement ahead, or perhaps a mirage, either way the pony carts moved into their final lineup still surprisingly perky after all of the hours waiting in the mid-day sun.  Trotting along Market Street listening to the crowds cheer, it felt surreal, My House and I were participating and witnessing a defining and wonderful moment in history, people were happy, not everyone, we were celebrating along with them.  Love and marriage and love and marriage, and that was the moment the song cemented itself permanently into my head.

Love and marriage, love and marriage,
Go together like a horse and carriage.
This I tell ya, brother, you can’t have one without the other.

Lyrics by Sammy Cahn and music by Jimmy Van Heusen.

Liliane Hunt by David Oliver

4:30 p.m. – I stagger in through my front door with heat stroke.  The fascinator is safely carried to the mannequin stand, whilst still in motion I start unzipping my boots and taking out hair pins.  I am led to the safety of my chair and hydrated.

Two days later – Still finding hair pins.

Three weeks later- Still singing Love and Marriage.

My thanks to Luke Song for capturing my style so exquisitely, my puppy Tyke for all your hard work, feeding the crew, My House and crew for being fabulous.  Last but not certainly not least, to our two newest members Manny Montecito head cinematographer and Michael V. for your excellent and exciting footage.Liliane Hunt by Mark Coplan

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Northwest Puppy Contest I flew into Oakland airport Monday evening from a remarkable weekend in Seattle, with Tyke Puppy. I was asked to judge at the Northwest Puppy Contest alongside a select panel of phenomenal judges: Daddy Jeff (Head Judge) of Seattle WA, Slavepup Axel International pup 2013 of Richmond VA, Steve Loki of Phoenix AZ and Mitch Kenyon of Vancouver BC.Northwest Puppy Contest

This was the very first Northwest Puppy Contest. The excitement and anticipation of which seemed to permeate the streets of Seattle. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but Capitol Hill had definitely gone to the dogs. Handsomely dressed trainers and pups, strolled along Pike Street from Dog House Leathers to The Cuff. Judges and contestants dashed in and out of The Dog House Bunker for the Saturday morning interviews. The dog days of summer were howling early in Seattle, but beyond the exceptionally sunny weather, defining exactly what was so remarkable about this event is not so easy. The activities can be simply laid out in a list, but the overall energy, now that is harder to explain. NPC was an experience, and for all of us I might surmise, a little life changing. A reaffirmation if you will about what makes puppy play just so incredibly wag-tastic. My observation is that there is something very special happening in the Northwest that the groups of SEA-PAH, PDX-PAH and VAN-PAH, figured out, and Seattle has put down the welcome mat in a way that is all inclusive, dynamic and simply irresistible.
Pup Figaro by MGraves Photography

Throughout the weekend my fellow judges and I got to know the five competitors: Pup Amp, Angel, Figaro, Phoenix and Trix. As well as each other in a variety of venues, from The Meet and Sniff, The Dog House Bunker interviews, the pup-tastic cocktail party and the grand finale of the Saturday night event that included hilarious, onstage show stopping performances. At each of these events the contestants demonstrated their leadership abilities, their love and dedication to pup play and revealed their compassionate and playful natures.Pup Figaro - Northwest Puppy 2014

Our not so easy task was to pick a winner, an alpha who could lead this vibrant and growing community of the Northwest and beyond. We poked and prodded and threw out the occasional bone (both literal and metaphorical) to see what these competitors were really made of. Finally after what seemed like a nail biting finish, the count was tallied and Pup Figaro was the brand new champion. Pup play has grown exponentially over the last few years and I am excited and thrilled by the caliber of the contestants I had the pleasure to meet. I have no doubt that Pup Figaro will make a fabulous ambassador for the Northwest, pup play and frankly just about anything. Oh, did I mention he also sings opera? Welcome to the next generation, the dog house is definitely the place to be.

The Mistress

My gratitude to Pup Gadget and Baus Yukon for producing such a phenomenal event, thank you for the gift basket containing the patch and pin of SEA-PAH, a bone shaped tag engraved with “Mistress” and a handmade blue flower that happens to be the exact color of my Pride dress. I am truly touched by your thoughtfulness.

To the pups and handlers of Portland, Seattle and Vancouver I look forward to many more encounters, it was joy to meet each one of you. Thank you to the lovely Master Blue Wolf president of PDX-PAH, for your gracious welcome and the little pink Tahoe, who reminds me of my bio pup Sheba and who exemplifies that fabulous pups come in all shapes and sizes even pink.

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diva-magazine-april-2013I am delighted to be in the April edition of Diva Magazine along with Tyke Puppy. I was interviewed by the ever so lovely Charlotte Richardson Andrews, for an article about our lives called “Puppy Love”. Charlotte was really terrific to talk with and asked some really great questions about animal role play, human pup play and can it be love?  My thanks as always to John Goyer for the amazing photographs we used in the article.  The photo shoot was inspired by a 1950’s kitchen, black lace and leather, all mixed with a shot of Mad Men then stirred with a whole lot of Liliane and Tyke.

In June, San Francisco Pride will mark my third anniversary with Tyke as my puppy.  Could it be that long already? It has been quite a roller coaster that is for sure!  Along with Tyke came the bio dogs, and the “Puppy Pancakes”, fortunately my vintage apron fetish was my personal solution to nice clothes and sticky paws in the kitchen.  Who knew it would take human pups to introduce me to a whole new fetish?

Liliane Hunt & Tyke by John Goyer

Take care of yourselves and each other and enjoy your fetishes whatever and wherever they may be.

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