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Liliane Hunt and The House of Hunt Samhain Halloween Dia de los MuertosWinter has come, there are still some leaves left on the trees, but night arrives more quickly each day and there is an unmistakable coldness in the air I cannot shake. Samhain arrived, Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, the time the veil thins and our ancestors are closest to us. At The House of Hunt, (we are an eclectic mix of travelers, rogues, gentry, soldiers and vagabonds), but somehow in the melting pot of our belief systems we are one and the same. We cannot ignore the voices of our ancestors, we may not always agree with them, not all of them were wise, but some, some indeed stand the test of time and it is those that we look to when the nights are at their coldest and darkest. Liliane Hunt and The House of Hunt Samhain Halloween Dia de los MuertosSo here at The House of Hunt we made our altar for the witching hour. The funny, curious thing about an altar is, if it is alive, it will take its own form and if you are listening it will tell you what you need, rather than what you think you need. So we began full of intention of what form this altar would take and like the live thing it is and was, it shaped itself.  As we sat back, we looked and there it was; an offering  to the ancestors. I, like most travelers through this life, am a funny eclectic sort of mix, brought up in England, traveling to the United States at 22 years of age (to the South no less), back to England and back again to the East Coast and then the West. It was on the East Coast that I was blessed to live with a family from Mexico and fell in love with the culture, which was so very different from the one I grew up in.Liliane Hunt and The House of Hunt Samhain Halloween Dia de los Muertos If truth be told, it began with the food. The beauty, the richness, the warmth of the food, the family that ate together, loved together, laughed together and dreamed. We all dreamed of a better and brighter tomorrow. So 13 or more years later I find myself building an altar with my HoH family and as I stepped back to see what we had created,  I can only smile and laugh. Here in front of us lay a Dia de los Mortes altar. Here were the voices of Tyke’s ancestors and those of our family that share that heritage. Their voices came through the darkness and said, “Children, listen to us”. I am remembering the family from New York and the values they taught me; light years from the pale, damp, cold world I grew up in.Liliane Hunt and The House of Hunt Samhain Halloween Dia de los Muertos

So my friends, light your fires both figuratively and literally. It is a time to be surrounded by family, whichever family you have chosen be it blood or bond. Darkness is indeed here, but as the wheel reminds us, everything has its season and eventually the darkness will give way to light.


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Liliane Hunt by John GoyerAccording to my mother she can trace our family history several generations back to French silk weavers, and I blame them for the fetishism we all inherited. My grandmother schooled me at a very early age that there was a distinct difference between ready to wear and something that was couture. Couture is something that is an experience. It’s not just how it looks or the way it’s made, but it’s also how it makes you feel. Wearing something beautiful, something that has been exquisitely put together, is not just satisfying to the senses, it goes beyond that, it breathes life into you.
I have often heard people say hats don’t suit them. It is my belief they have not met the right hat or indeed the right Milliner. It is important to pay attention to your hat, it frames your face and it speaks volumes on your behalf. I have been wearing and collecting hats for about twenty years and I am quite serious when I say one of the reasons I need to move is because I have ran out of room for my hats.
I have not met Mr. Song yet, but I feel like we already know each other. It is not simply what he can do with feathers that make his hats so remarkable or the exquisite attention to detail; it’s much more than that. My suspicion is that part of Mr. Song’s success is his ability to understand the character of his hats and match them so seamlessly with his clientele. Mr. Song is the Mad Hatter extraordinaire, and I am the artist and the fetishist. This is match making at its finest.Liliane Hunt by John Goyer
Estrella arrived on a Friday in a large, crisp, white box with the unmistakable Mr. Song Millinery heraldry. The box was her temporary carriage and I could hear her purring from inside of it. Upon releasing her, the light bounced off the black rhinestones intricately sewn onto her body and she lit up the room like a thousand stars in the night sky. She is both brilliant and majestic. Her velvet black feathers conveyed the black swan, dark and sensuous. She majestically demanded the Christian Dior neck piece to accompany her, a suitor worthy of her attentions. The grey pearl studs stood in attendance, both seen and unseen. She had no time for the ostrich boa; it was too frivolous for her sensibilities, she permitted one courtier, the ostrich cape by Leon Max.

Liliane Hunt by John Goyer



Fetish (derived from the French fétiche; which comes from the Portuguese feitiço; and this in turn from Latin facticius, “artificial” and facere, “to make”) is an object believed to have supernatural powers, or in particular, a man-made object that has power over others.


Photography by fabulously talented: John Goyer

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