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Who is the remarkably enigmatic Liliane Hunt? To some she is the exquisitely attired lady in the sumptuous human horse drawn carriage, accompanied by an entourage of attendants. A French maid holds her parasol; a butler carries her goblet on a silver tray, her human guard dog dressed as an Edwardian gentleman silently accompanies her. She proclaims she is the ardent fetishist, the polyamorous lover of beautiful and exquisite things. She delights in discussing the semantics of fetishism, converting its skeptics and persuading its detractors to reevaluate their assumptions. “It would be impossible for me to say that my love of beautiful well-made boots was superior to my love of corsets or gloves, I desire them all equally. Hats however are another story entirely; they are at present, a smoldering addiction. I fantasize about new hats, vintage hat boxes, hat stands and the inevitable need to acquire a dedicated hat room. The House of Hunt is the next evolution of Liliane Hunt. She gave birth to the concept in 2006 by making show stopping appearances with her fabulous entourage. In the last three years the House has emerged as a truly unique avant-garde performance company that produces richly evocative theatrical performances, marrying the worlds of fetish, art and taboo. To others she will always be the archetypal English Mistress, with fiery red hair, alabaster skin and piercing blue eyes that strip you bare of all pretention. For those naïve to the terminology, let me clarify. She will never be your lover, but will keep your secrets, hear your confessions and offer clarity if you wish to see it. “This world of mystery is a remarkable place, it will teach you more about yourself than you can possibly ever imagine. In the beginning of my training I remember a man on his knees looking up at me. As I stood over him I saw such serenity in his eyes, depth of understanding, knowledge of purpose. There was no arrogance, no affected stance or pretension. He knew himself because he had taken the necessary steps to get there. It was then that my real journey began, stripping away the pretension of whom and what I thought I was until I had uncovered the darkest recesses of my mind and thoroughly unflinchingly explored them. Then and only then could I fully meet that look and completely understand it.” - LH

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